Kidzoonia Purikura

Strike a Pose! New Purikura Booths at Kidzoonia, Fairview Terraces

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    1. The picture is 200! I’m not sure if they discounted the price because when they moved one of the booths to Robinson’s Galleria, the price became 150.

      There’s no entrance fee to the area where Kidzoonia keeps the purikura booths. (~_^)/

      Thanks for reading! ❤

  1. Wow! Finally! Purikura is back in the PH! Can’t wait till I go there and try it. I’m wondering if is it possible to transfer purikura photos to mobile phones (like android or iphone)? If so, how?

    1. It’s indeed popular among Japanese culture fans here in the PH. In fact, I have friends who also love purikura after I introduced it to them. Sadly, most booths are getting pulled out (probably because only a few use it). These purikura booths at FT are the most decent ones we have at present. Huhu.

  2. Thank you for your post now I know that this place allows non-children to enter ww and you guys look cute in the photo!!

    also,omg thank you so much for mentioning that kidzoonia is part of AEON group’s project haha I really do hope they bring other machines to the ph (AND TO MALLS IN THE SOUTH ///TEARS)

    also other music arcade machines ;A; m-mollyfantasy qq

    1. Thank you for reading (and saying that we’re cute www)!

      The front area of Kidzoonia has token-operated kiddy rides and purikura booths. And yes, even non-children can enter because the entrance to the main play area is at the middle where the cashiers are.

      I think AEON will do bring more in the future like their other branches overseas if this one (along with its other branches) succeeds. Let’s wait and see. ww

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