Life Lately: February 2017

Hello and thank you for visiting MNL to 東京 ♡. I’ve moved to a new domain, so if you’re looking for this specific post, please visit instead. Thank you!


  1. Hi! Blog hopping 😀

    That Veggie kebab looks good! You’re company is promoting health and wellness! HAHAHA!
    And Charchar socks! I have those one! I bought them in Japan Home! XD heehee~

    1. Hi, there!

      It issss good. I’ve been with my company for more than four years and this has got to be their best decision yet. They started a health program early 2017 and apart from these mouthwatering food, we get gym partnerships and I recently attended a free hip hop class.

      Yes! Pokemon is a must-buy lol. I just grabbed Charmander the moment I saw it on the rack. Haha. Good to know you have one too. ♡

      1. Wow! We wouldn’t wanna miss a chance if these kind of health benefits are provided right? That is so great! 😀

        Hahahaha! I only get any charmander stuff I see XD I’m pro-charmander XD Hahaha!!

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