Hi. The name’s Ciara and welcome to my blog!

I’m a writer/editor by day, hyperactive cat by night. When I’m not performing on stage at Japanese-related events and conventions, you’ll see me reading manga and travel blogs, watching anime, J-dramas/movies and documentaries, or doing what I love… eating. THERE’S NO QUESTION THAT PIZZA AND CHOCOLATE CAN’T ANSWER.

Torn between reality and 2D/2.5D, I’m your average 20-something who wants more free time to attend different kinds of events (from indie film fests to geek conventions) and write more blogs. I’ve been blogging since I was 14 and believe it, I kept on changing platforms that there are little to no traces of my previous accounts and posts. Now that I’m on WordPress, I hope I can stop that bad habit. OTL

At present, I’m drowning in real-life responsibilities thanks to my copywriting and editing job. I’m also part of a Japanese pop cover group whose members I’ve been friends with since 2009 and a proud member of the Kawaii PH community. See? Not all people you meet online are bad.

I have a motto in life and that is, “Life is too short to be complacent.” Every second counts. Do something productive! ρ(′▽`o)ノ゙ ファイトォ~♪

Why MNL TO 東京 ♡ (from Manila to Tokyo)?

I’ve been using song titles and lyrics for most of my usernames, so I wanted something different for this blog. When I created an account, it had the same name as my Tumblr, but I changed it weeks later because I was so into “from ____ to ____ with love.” for some odd reason. I’m not really good at deciding names. ww

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